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The Last de Burgh
Harlequin Historicals
ISBN #978-0-373-30659-6
February 2013

The final book in the series, The Last de Burgh follows the youngest of the medieval de Burgh brothers as he vows to aid a fallen knight's sibling. Soon Nicholas is thrust into a mystery involving arcane relics, hidden messages, and the powerful Knights Templar. Most startling of all is his overwhelming attraction to Emery Montbard, who is not what he expected. But Nicholas harbors a secret, too, and faces a foe even the de Burghs cannot best.

"Beautifully written... Deborah Simmons is a master of combining intrigue with history." - Cataromance

Glory and the Rake
Harlequin Historicals
January 2011

Glory Sutton is determined to revive Queen's Well, the spa that has been owned by her family for hundreds of years. But someone doesn't want the once-popular watering hole to reopen. Could it be the Duke of Westfield? Glory finds the nobleman's sudden interest in her business unnerving. Yet she must work with him to solve the myriad mysteries swirling around the age-old waters, including a certain legend about love. . .

"This historical romance has danger, intrigue and a thrilling mystery." - Romantic Times

"Glory and the Rake entertains in true Regency style while giving the reader a special tidbit that involves "The Queen's Gift" – captivating reading." - Long and Short Reviews

The Gentleman's Quest
Harlequin Historicals
ISBN #978-0-373-29580-7
February 2010

In this sequel to The Dark Viscount, Christopher Marchant retreats into his medieval manor house after a series of disastrous events. But the arrival of an enigmatic young woman forces him into action - and adventure. Soon the two are on a frantic quest to find an arcane volume of forgotten lore, while avoiding a host of unknown pursuers. The Gentleman's Quest was a Finalist for the 2011 Daphne du Maurier Award for Mystery/Suspense.

"Deborah Simmons pens a tale filled with danger and intrigue, and don't forget the romance, in The Gentleman's Quest." - CataRomance

"Fast-paced action, dark secrets and an interesting couple make this a quick, light roller coaster ride of a read." - Romantic Times

Reynold de Burgh: The Dark Knight
Harlequin Historicals
ISBN #978-0-373-29558-6
August 2009

Reynold de Burgh left his family and its legacy behind, but is he fleeing from his destiny or running towards it? When he is told that he must fulfill a quest to slay a dragon and rescue a damsel in distress, Reynold thinks it the stuff of legends. And yet, he is not long into his journey when he stumbles across a deserted village, where a beautiful woman begs for his help . . .

"It's a romantic story of a true knight in shining armor and the woman who inspires him to slay dragons. Engaging characters, authentic dialogue and lots of surprise twists captivate readers." - Romantic Times

"Deborah Simmons has penned a novel designed to leave a smile on your face when you turn the last page." - CataRomance

The Dark Viscount
Harlequin Historicals
ISBN #978-0-373-29518-0
October 2008

This Regency romp has a Gothic flavor that makes for a great Halloween read. Siblings Kit and Sydony Marchant are thrilled to receive the legacy of a medieval manor house from a distant relative, but their new home is plagued by odd rumors and strange discoveries. Intrigued by the overgrown maze that looms over the rear of the property, Sydony soon is delving into its disturbing history. But even more disturbing is the sudden arrival of Viscount Hawthorne, a former neighbor with whom she shares a history of her own.

"Simmons grabs readers with a well-crafted Regency-set romance. A stormy, bleak landscape; a dark, unwelcoming manor house and mysterious goings-on in the overgrown ominous maze lend a chilling gothic flavor." – Romantic Times

"Dark and dangerous doings make The Dark Viscount an excellent and enjoyable read. I highly recommend Daborah Simmons' riveting tale." – CataRomance

"The Unexpected Guest"
The Brides of Christmas
ISBN #0-373-77148-7
November 2005

Celebrate the season with the return of three beloved tales of medieval merriment! The Brides of Christmas anthology is reissued by HQN in a beautiful trade sized edition with large type. Included here, "The Unexpected Guest" is the only novella to focus on a member of the de Burgh family.

"Deborah Simmons is a talented writer whose stories I always look forward to reading - and this one is no exception." - All About Romance

A Lady of Distinction
Berkley Sensation
ISBN #0-425-19656-9
May 2004

When Morgan Beauchamp delivers a shipment of artifacts to Egyptologist Lady Juliet Cavendish, strange happenings afflict the household. There are rumors that he has unleashed an ancient curse and roused the mummy's wrath. But Lady Juliet is more concerned about the explorer's ability to unleash her own dormant passions, rousing her from her staid existence to long for a life of adventure far from her father's study. A 2005 RITA Finalist.

“A Lady of Distinction has a large element of suspense to hold your interest throughout the story, a more sensual tone. . .humor and wit to spare, and adventure to keep you reading for hours.” – Romance Reviews Today.

"A bit of THE MUMMY and a lot of Indiana Jones merge in this entertaining nonstop read...Simmons creates engaging characters and spices up her romance with plenty of action and suspense to keep you on the edge of your seat." - Romantic Times

A Man of Many Talents
Berkley Sensation
ISBN #0-425-19070-6
June 2003

After Christian Reade, Viscount Moreland, debunks a famous haunted house, he is inundated with requests for his services. Although he has no interest in ghosts, he finds himself answering a summons from the intriguing Miss Parkinson of Sibel Hall.

“Deborah Simmons delivers another delightful historical romance, a tale of mysterious unexpected love that manages to be both funny and sexy.” – The Barnes & Noble Review

"Deborah Simmons presents a charming Regency "Ghostbusters" with a little mystery twist and a sweet confection of a love story." - Romantic Times

“Readers looking for a light, funny, and smart story can find it here.” – All About Romance

"The Unexpected Guest"
Safe Haven For Christmas
Mills & Boon
ISBN #0-263-17428-X
May 2003

This Mills & Boons anthology features three novellas, including Simmons' "The Unexpected Guest," part of the de Burgh family series. Originally published in the Harlequin anthology The Brides of Christmas, "The Unexpected Guest" is reissued here in a hardback edition that includes holiday-themed novellas by authors Paula Marshall and Ruth Langan.

"The Notorious Duke"
The Love Match
Harlequin Historical #599
ISBN #0-373-29199-X
March 2002

Pagan Penhurst is bored by Brighton until a friend wagers that he can find a woman who won't be swayed by Pagan's charms. Pagan takes up the challenge only to meet Miss Scholastica Hornsby, an unusual young lady with a mind of her own. Has "The Notorious Duke" made a Love Match?

"Simmons never fails to please her fans." - Romance Reviews Today

My Lady de Burgh
Harlequin Historical #584
ISBN #0-373-29184-1
November 2001

Blaming the rash of family weddings on some sort of curse, Robin de Burgh tries to find a cure, but instead he stumbles across murder, mystery . . . and his own mate.

“Would you like to read a funny, sexy story with enough atmosphere to transport you to the past, but one that does not overdose you with period language or history lessons? Deborah Simmons’ latest might just fit the bill.” – All About Romance

"A dash of mystery, a smidgen of humor, a full serving of romance with a hint of 'double, double, toil and trouble' make this my new favorite of the de Burgh series - but only until Deborah Simmons writes the next one." - Romantic Times

"The Bachelor Knight"
A Knight's Vow
ISBN #0-515-13151-2
September 2001

Simmons joins authors Lynn Kurland, Patricia Potter, and Glynnis Campbell in this all new collection of medieval stories published by Berkley-Jove. In "The Bachelor Knight" Sir Berenger Brewere receives an urgent summons to the keep of his old patron, Clement St. Leger, only to encounter Clement's daughter - who enjoins him to remember his vow to the St. Legers. But how can Beren fulfill his duty without facing his past?

"Nice fun, this story." - Mrs. Giggles

"The Companion" The Officer's Bride Harlequin Anthology ISBN #0-373-83465-9 May 2001

In Simmons' heart-warming novella "The Companion", a destitute relative hired by the dowager countess of Hawthorne is taken aback to discover her duties involve the earl himself, a veteran of Waterloo.

"Readers will be in for a treat - make that three treats, with The Officer's Bride." - All About Romance

“Simmons once again delivers characters that steal your heart.” – Bookaholics

My Lord de Burgh
Harlequin Historical #533
ISBN #0-373-29133-7
November 2000

Stephen de Burgh, the black sheep of the family, is offered a chance to redeem himself by escorting a mysterious heiress to Wales, but unlike most ladies, Brighid l'Estrange wants nothing to do with him.

“And in this wonderful story - as is the rule in this stellar series - the heroine is a unique, fabulous gem, and with her healing abilities, her hero’s perfect match!” - Affaire de Coeur

"Deborah Simmons continues this series with her usual skillful recreation of time, place and character, and achieves a luminous novel about a journey toward a celebration of self, and a love story not to be missed." - Romantic Times

Harlequin Series Sampler
March 2000

One of Deborah Simmons' early Harlequin Historical titles, The Squire's Daughter, is reissued in this collection of four full-length books from Harlequin's various lines.

Also included in this omnibus edition is: Mommy on Board by Muriel Jensen; Unspoken Confessions by Kelsey Roberts; and Bride Overboard by Heather MacAllister.

The Gentleman Thief

Harlequin Historical #495

ISBN# 0-373-29095-0

January 2000
Amateur sleuth Georgiana Bellewether stumbles across a jewel robbery and eagerly pursues the thief, only to discover he has stolen her heart as well in this Regency romp, a Romance Writers of America RITA Finalist.

"Not only is it witty, romantic and funny, it is beautifully written. . .I laughed from the first page, not only at the charming repartee between the hero and heroine, but at the many clever twists and turns the story takes." - All About Romance

"Definitely reread material, one to savor again and again." - Mrs. Giggles

"The Unexpected Guest"
The Brides of Christmas
ISBN #0-373-83417-9
Harlequin Anthology
December 1999

In this USA Today bestseller, Deborah Simmons revisits Campion Castle, where the worst weather in living memory threatens to curtail the de Burghs' celebration until the arrival of a mysterious visitor who changes the course of the holiday - and their lives.

"The Brides of Christmas is a delightful, funny, magical and joyful Christmas read." - Romantic Times

Robber Bride
Harlequin Historical #455
ISBN #0-373-29055-1
April 1999

The third in the de Burgh series finds Simon set upon by a band of brigands led by a woman. Has the great knight finally met his match?

"The latest de Burgh brother's downfall is totally captivating." - Affaire de Coeur

“The de Burgh series just keeps getting better and better with its gripping tales of love, power, passion, and adventure.” – Rendezvous

"As I read Robber Bride, I found myself thinking, This is why I read romance." - Under the Covers

The Last Rogue
Harlequin Historical #427
ISBN #0-373-29027-6
September 1998

Although Viscount Raleigh enjoyed playing matchmaker to his friends, he never anticipated his own nuptials. But when circumstances force him to wed Plain Jane Trowbridge, he finds married life to his liking in this Regency romp.

"The Last Rogue is a prime example of master storyteller Deborah Simmons' character-driven plots...filled with wonderful sensuality and a basic joy of living." - Under the Covers

"Charming, delightful, and funny too! The Last Rogue is one of the most delightful books I have read this year. The dialogue was hilarious, the main characters were adorable, and the supporting characters were perfect. I give this book keeper status - five hearts - two thumbs up - and, an A." - All About Romance

The de Burgh Bride
Harlequin Historical #399
ISBN #0-373-28999-5
February 1998

The second title in the popular de Burgh series finds Geoffrey de Burgh ordered to wed the Fitzhugh, an infamous termagant who killed her first husband in cold blood.

“Deborah Simmons has a way with words and the turn of a phrase that is truly beautiful in its rendition.” – All About Romance

"Once again, Simmons has brought together wonderful and passionate this thrilling and dangerous story." - Affaire de Coeur

"A Wish For Noel"
The Knights of Christmas
Harlequin Historical #387
ISBN #0-373-28987-1

In Deborah Simmons' first novella, "A Wish For Noel", world-weary knight Benedick Villiers returns to his keep to find an unwanted ward determined to celebrate the Twelve Days of Christmas - and give him the most precious gift of all.

"...most emotionally fulfilling of the tales." - The Romance Reader

"Delightful reading!" - Rendezvous

Tempting Kate
Harlequin Historical #371
ISBN #0-373-28971-5
July 1997

Kate Courtland is determined to wreak revenge upon the Marquis of Wroth, the man said to have compromised her sister, but when she waylays him at gunpoint, both the lady and the nobleman end up with more than they bargained for . . .

"With Tempting Kate, author Deborah Simmons has proven that she is a multiple personality author, capable of writing in more different styles than any other romance author this reviewer has read." - All About Romance

"Deborah Simmons' utterly delightful and charming light romance is a sweet and steamy little confection that is sure to charm Regency readers." - Romantic Times

Maiden Bride
Harlequin Historical #332
ISBN #0-373-28932-4
September 1996

In this sequel to The Devil's Lady, Nicholas de Laci seeks revenge upon the niece of his old enemy, but finds himself with a wife instead.

"Maiden Bride's plot is excellent, enchanting, and exciting...I couldn't put it down." - Rendezvous

"Maiden Bride has humor, sensuous love, and tremendous characters that make it a sure bet!" - Literary Times

The Devil Earl

Harlequin Historical #317

ISBN #0-373-28917-0

May 1996
Dark and brooding and rumored to have done murder, the Devil Earl was everything Prudence Lancaster's imagination could conjure and infinitely more seductive than anything she had ever created. In his presence, the dreamy authoress became a sultry sleuth, hungry to solve the mystery of Ravenscar's missing brother and to save the Devil Earl from his own wicked legacy.

"The Devil Earl is a wonderfully written romance, complete with passion, love, mystery and a terrific cast of characters." - Romantic Times

"Absolutely magnificent, TDE demands reread after reread." - Mrs. Giggles

Taming The Wolf
Harlequin Historical #284
ISBN #0-373-28884-0
September 1995

The first of the medieval de Burgh family series focuses on the eldest of the seven bachelor brothers. Ordered by his father to escort Lady Warenne back to her home, the Wolf of Wessex soon has his hands full in this road romance.

"What an adventure! Taming the Wolf was funny, challenging, and exciting, with an underlying danger to heighten the senses. This romance was sooo good!" - Affaire de Coeur

"This thrilling, fast-paced romance presents a breathless love story and a whole family of promising Medieval heroes." - Romantic Times

The Vicar's Daughter

Harlequin Historical #258

ISBN #0-373-28858-1

February 1995
Known for his devotion to duty and his timepiece, the earl of Wycliffe finds his carefully planned schedule - and his entire life - uproariously upended when he meets The Vicar's Daughter.

"The Vicar's Daughter is a fun-loving adventure that is absolutely wonderful!" - Affaire de Coeur

"Delightful, simply delightful!" - All About Romance

"this one has found a place on my shelf for keepers." - Rendezvous

The Devil's Lady
Harlequin Historical #241
ISBN #0-373-28841-7
October 1994

In Deborah Simmons' first medieval, Aisley de Laci must take a husband from among King Edward's knights. Determined to elude the altar, she chooses the reclusive Baron Montmorency, but her plans turn awry when she is summoned to Dunmurrow, the baron's isolated keep, to marry a man so shrouded in dark rumor and shadow that she never sees his face.

"Simmons guarantees the reader a page-turner as she skillfully weaves a tapestry of words about a tormented man and a woman who leads him from the darkness of hell into the blazing light of love." - Romantic Times

The Squire's Daughter
Harlequin Historical #208
ISBN #0-373-28808-5
February 1994

Although Justin St. John, the current marquis of Worthington, scorns The Worthington Curse and all else in his scandalous existence, his one-time neighbor is not so sanguine. The squire's daughter, all grown up and determined to rescue her former idol from he hedonistic ways, manages to engage his heart and unravel an old mystery, as well.

"Simmons demonstrates her growing talent in this murder mystery Regency romp." - Affaire de Coeur

Silent Heart
Harlequin Historical #185
ISBN #0-3737-28785-2
August 1993

A French noblewoman who ventures into the heart of Revolutionary Paris in search of her father finds allies in a mute stablehand and a mysterious savior known only as the Panther in this homage to The Scarlet Pimpernel and eighteenth-century France.

"a historically accurate and well crafted tale." - Romantic Times

"A powerfully poignant romance..." - Affaire de Coeur

Fortune Hunter
Harlequin Historical #132
ISBN #0-373-28732-1
July 1992

In Simmons' second title, Viscount Sheffield is in need of a wealthy wife to save his heritage, but none seems to suit him except Melissa Hampton, whose contempt for her suitors has earned her the nickname Lady Disdain.

"Fortune Hunter is a light-hearted, delicious Regency romp that tickles the reader's funny bone." - Romantic Times

Heart's Masquerade


ISBN #0-380-77562-X

October 1989
Danger forced her to don a disguise. Love forced her to risk all.

Genteel Catherine Amberly flees her childhood home for adventure on the high seas, but the threats she thought left behind follow her into the heat of the tropics. And soon she faces a more potent danger in the form of Ransom Duprey. The privateer captain has his own enemies and suspicions about the beautiful young woman who seems to know him better than he does himself.

"This is a fun-filled adventure with pirates, villains, lords and ladies, suspense, romance, and much more." - Bookbug

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"The Devil Earl is a wonderfully written romance, complete with passion, love, mystery and a terrific cast of characters." - Romantic Times
"The Vicar's Daughter is a fun-loving adventure that is absolutely wondeful! - Affaire de Coeur