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"Simmons guarantees the reader a page-turner..."
- Romantic Times

"Deborah Simmons is a very fine writer with a smooth and engaging style…" - All About Romance.

"Deborah Simmons never fails to please her fans."
- Romance Reviews Today

"Deborah Simmons is a wonderful storyteller and brings historical romance to life." - A Romance Review

"Deborah Simmons is an author I read automatically. Why? Because she gets it right. I can always count on her for a good tale, a wonderful hero, a feisty heroine, and a love story where it truly is love that makes the difference."
- All About Romance

"A dash of mystery, a smidgen of humor, a full serving of romance..." - Romantic Times

Series Titles

The de Burghs:
Taming The Wolf
The de Burgh Bride
Robber Bride
"The Unexpected Guest"
My Lord de Burgh
My Lady de Burgh
Reynold de Burgh: The Dark Knight
The Last de Burgh

The de Lacis:
The Devil's Lady
Maiden Bride

Regency Quartet:
The Vicar's Daughter
The Devil Earl
Tempting Kate
The Last Rogue

The Marchants:
The Dark Viscount
The Gentleman's Quest


What if Cinderella didn't want to go to the ball?

Wedding planner Paige Porter doesn't believe in fairy tales. She's seen too many bridezillas, randy grooms, and short-lived marriages. She's all business - even though it's her business to create the perfect fantasy.

But a new client drags her out of her comfort zone. Dealing with the wealthy and eccentric Maitland family becomes a full-time job, involving more than wedding planning. There's the bride-to-be, her siblings, and a set of nasty cousins with their own agendas. And then there's Siegfried, the heir apparent, boy genius, and one of the city's most eligible bachelors - if anyone could drag him away from his computer lab.

As CEO of The Maitland Company and the last in a long line of inventors, Siegfried might forget to eat or sleep, but he can't forget Paige Porter. He might have to put aside his all-consuming research for a new venture: Project Paige.

Because when he saw her he knew: It Had to Be You.

Deborah Simmons' first contemporary novel is a smart and fun romantic comedy.



Silent Heart

Desperate to find her missing father, Dominique ventures from her family's chateau into Paris, leaving behind her noble lineage to take on a new identity. But she isn't the only one living a lie.

The man who risks his neck to help others escape from Revolutionary France avoids certain death by making sure no one ever gets close to him. But when a brave young beauty stumbles upon his disguise, she presents the kind of danger he's never faced: temptation.

Drawn together in impossible circumstances, can they dare trust their hearts?

“A powerfully poignant romance”- Affaire de Coeur


The Devil's Lady

Bid by King Edward to marry one of his knights, Aisley de Laci hopes to
avoid the altar by choosing Baron Montmorency. 'Tis a union she is
certain none will endorse, especially the baron, who is rumored to
practice the dark arts from his isolated keep.

Although Aisley refuses to believe the tales that make Montmorency more
myth than mortal, she begins to wonder whether he does possess
mysterious powers. How else to explain her own growing feelings for her
husband, a man so shrouded in shadow she has never seen his face?

"Deborah Simmons guarantees the reader a page-turner." - Romantic Times



A Man of Many Talents

After Christian Reade, Viscount Moreland, debunks a famous haunted house, his services as a so-called ghost router are much in demand. He refuses all requests until he receives a summons from the intriguing Miss Parkinson of Sibel Hall. There, he finds more mysteries than he bargained for, including how to woo his prickly hostess.

"Deborah Simmons presents a charming Regency "Ghostbusters" with a little mystery twist and a sweet confection of a love story." - Romantic Times

“Deborah Simmons delivers another delightful historical romance, a tale of mysterious unexpected love that manages to be both funny and sexy.” – The Barnes & Noble Review

“Readers looking for a light, funny, and smart story can find it here.” – All About Romance

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A Lady of Distinction

When Morgan Beauchamp delivers a shipment of artifacts to Egyptologist Lady Juliet Cavendish, it is rumored that he has unleashed an ancient curse upon the household. But Lady Juliet is more concerned with the explorer's ability to unleash her passions, urging her from her staid existence toward a life of adventure.

A 2005 RITA finalist.

"A bit of THE MUMMY and a lot of Indiana Jones merge in this entertaining nonstop read where one villain is uncovered and another appears. Simmons creates engaging characters and spices up her romance with plenty of action and suspense to keep you on the edge of your seat." – Romantic Times

“A Lady of Distinction has a large element of suspense to hold your interest throughout the story, a more sensual tone…humor and wit to spare, and adventure to keep you reading for hours.” – Romance Reviews Today.


A Heart's Masquerade

Published by Avon in 1989, Deborah Simmons' first novel is now available as an ebook in various formats. Revised and updated by the author, this early work is a tale of romance and adventure on the high seas.

Genteel Catherine Amberly flees her childhood home for adventure on the high seas, but the threats she thought left behind follow her into the heat of the tropics. And soon she faces a more potent danger in the form of Ransom Duprey. The privateer captain has his own enemies and suspicions about the beautiful young woman who seems to know him better than he does himself.

"This is a fun-filled adventure with pirates, villains, lords and ladies, suspense, romance, and much more." - Bookbug

"Heart's Masquerade is a delightful first novel." - Romantic Times